This is the first official post in a series to help teach Everyday People how to have the most success when finding a lender, applying for a loan and ultimately getting funded. If you are in need of a home or other real estate loan, the first thing you will need to determine is how much you think need to borrow. Then you will have to calculate if you have the sufficient income or cash reserves to show the lender that you can pay the loan back. Once you have made the determination that you believe you have the sufficient finances to repay the loan, you will need to gather some basic paperwork. including: -Paystubs (most recent covering at least last 30 days) -1099 and W-2 for last 2 years -Tax Returns for last 2 years -Bank Account Statement (last 2 months w/ all pages) -Two Forms of Government issued I.D.'s NOTE: Other documents will surely be requested by the lender. These will get the ball rolling... Prior to applying for a new loan you should AVOID: -Changing your employment or profession -Make any major credit purchases such as auto, boat, furniture -have any recent negative marks on on your credit report -Don't co-sign on a loan for a friend/family member -Make any unverifiable bank deposits that can't be explained. APL Management


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